City of Culver City Urban Forest Master Plan

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Carlberg Associates was the consulting arborist and worked closely with Artecho, the principal author of the City of Culver City’s first Urban Forest Master Plan.  The Plan articulates a clear vision for the future of Culver City’s urban forest based on analysis of the City’s historical and existing urban forest, as well as on synthesis of current reasearch, best management practices, and community input.  It provides guiding principles for both long-term and day-to-day management, comprehensive tree designations, technical standards, and resources for the City and community members.  The Plan reflects current best practices, technologies, and city policies, while allowing for future revisions to maintain its relevance for the next 50 years.  The Plan will be evaluated and revised periodically to reflect evolving conditions, new information, and updated best management practices.  It is designed to support Culver City’s environmental goals regarding stormwater management and carbon sequestration; it also envisions increased shade for pedestrians and motorists, improved air quality, and increased opportunity for healthy recreation.  Carlberg presented at numerous community and stakeholder meetings prior to the Plan’s adoption in 2015.

Please follow this link to the City of Culver City Urban Forest Master Plan.