The decision of how and when to prune trees has a profound effect of the long-term safety and aesthetics of a landscape. Numerous pruning guidelines and standards exist in the arboricultural industry. Despite our industry’s best efforts, improper pruning is still rampant. Having climbed and pruned trees under the direction of an industry leader, Cy is uniquely qualified to cultivate your knowledge of proper pruning timing and techniques. Experienced in the preparation of clear and concise guidelines, our recommendations or peer review of your contractor’s bid will clarify what to expect from a pruning session, the long-term ramifications of the work, and the future maintenance requirements that will be necessary to keep your landscape safe and beautiful. Carlberg can write pruning specifications and recommendations for one special tree or thousands.


Trained in landscape architecture, horticulture, and planning, the staff at Carlberg Associates has collaborated on designs of streetscapes, parklands, and natural habitat restoration areas. We understand fire-wise landscaping, planning for fire-fuel modification and constraints in the urban/wildland interface. We have hand-selected nursery stock and supervised hundreds of specimen and mitigation tree installations for municipalities, universities, and numerous other public and private property clients.

We do not provide pruning or removal services, cabling or bracing, insect or disease treatment applications, soil or plant laboratory testing.