Ordinances and policies guide municipal decisions, and provide a framework for the daily operations of the municipality. Trees present a large part of the municipal landscape and decisions regarding the preservation or removal of trees can become contentious and emotional. Carefully crafted tree and landscape ordinances and polices remove confusion and emotion from the equation, allowing all parties to focus on solutions that move projects forward.


From small towns with limited staff, to large cities and counties that employ thousands, the demand for technical expertise in arboricultural planning and development is ever-present. The Carlberg Associates team brings over 75 years of combined experience in all levels of peer review, independent inspections, third party reports, plan-checks, mitigation compliance monitoring, and municipal representation at community meetings and public hearings. We understand the challenges of working with multiple disciplines: engineers, architects, developers, private homeowners, landscape architects, fire departments, public works, and parks’ services can all have different agendas and ideas.

With decades of experience in both the private and public sector, our team brings a balanced and unbiased perspective to our municipal clients.

Carlberg Associates has the experience and expertise to assist municipalities with tree preservation ordinance and policy language development and enforcement. We have been formative in developing Tree Preservation Ordinances and Tree and Natural Resource General Plan policy language. Examples of our past projects include La Cañada Flintridge’s Tree Preservation Ordinance, the City of Los Angeles Recreation and Parks Urban Forest Master Plan, and the Los Angeles County Oak Woodlands Conservation Management Plan, which will become part of the Los Angeles County General Plan Update. We provide reviews of proposed landscape plans, and construction drawings for compliance with applicable tree preservation ordinances as well as independent, objective opinions that assist planners and decision-makers in the preservation of their community forest resource.

From crafting ordinances and updating policy documents, to all types of contract services, Carlberg Associates adds value and efficiency to any level of municipal staff.