The beauty, symbiotic nature, and spiritual contribution of trees to humanity culminate in immeasurable value. However, trees and landscapes have value beyond our emotional ties to them. They screen or enhance views, reduce glare and reflection, complement or enhance architecture, regulate temperatures, improve air quality, act as windbreaks, reduce erosion and storm water runoff, provide wildlife shelter and food…the list goes on. In addition to all of this, trees and landscapes contribute to property value. Using methods outlined by the Council for Tree and Landscape Appraisers Guide to Plant Appraisal, Carlberg Associates’ experienced experts provide value appraisals of trees and landscapes that have been damaged, removed, or destroyed through windstorms, trespass pruning, construction, fire, or condemnation. There are a variety of methods available to arrive at a value. We apply the appropriate method for appraisal, depending on the assignment, circumstance and time frame of the loss.